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  • How the fashion industry is damaging our home.

    What can we do to save our planet? We cover how fast fashion is destroying the planet and what we at The MIT Store are doing.
  • Why you should start a business in college?

    So, you might be wondering why should you start a business while you are struggling to pass your sessionals? Here's why
  • 7 Weird Things You’ll notice only in Manipal.

    So here at MIT store, we’re here to point out 7 weird things you’ll notice in Manipal that’ll just mess with your head, big-time.
  • Inside The MIT Store

    Have you ever looked at our product and wondered how it is manufacture? Let us explain the entire process of how we do it.
  • Top 5 Budget Breakfast spots/food in Manipal

    We are going to break down the list to help you grab a cheap but exquisite breakfast as soon as you finish this article.
  • Different kinds of people during a Pandemic

    The world is a funny place to be with a lot of idiots and morons as compared to the sensible ones. So here's my take on the different kinds of people you'll find during a pandemic.
  • Top 5 Apps that You’ll see Students using in class.

    More often than not, there comes a moment in every student’s life when he/she has to battle the terror of sleep invoked by the noble teacher blabbering in front of them in the classroom. In these moments, mobile phones have always stood there by a student’s side with an infinite universal pool of things to do.
  • 7 Differences you'll notice between a fresher and a final year student in Manipal.

    When fate brings students across the globe to the glorious Manipal itself, they are bound to spend almost 3-4 years of their lives here. Freshers and final year students reside here peacefully, but there are clear differences you can notice between the both.