7 Differences you'll notice between a fresher and a final year student in Manipal.

When fate brings students across the globe to the glorious Manipal itself, they are bound to spend almost 3-4 years of their lives here. Freshers and final year students reside here peacefully, but there are clear differences you can notice between the both. Well that's because Manipal is where people grow and change. So here at The MIT store we're here to point out differences between freshers and final year students.
The Level of Excitement
Freshers are like the 6-year old who has come to an amusement park for the first time. And that's not a bad thing, we were all there. But the excitement that freshers show towards life in general is what dies later as you reach the final year. The most indifferent and uninterested zombies walking around you are final year students. No doubts there.
• The Rush to class
We'll explain. Freshers have to run to class because teachers torture them if they are late. But as your time in Manipal progresses, teachers tend to care less and you obviously loosen up, sometimes a lot. Final year students would rather fight for attendance after trying to enter 15 mins late than be in class. Or bunk.
Early Perm
This is one obvious point that everybody knows. Freshers have to reach the hostel early and seniors feel their misery whenever they run back to their hostels. It's horrible and unfair, we're with you guys.
Number of friends
Well this is more like a harsh truth of life, but yes, first year students have a billion friends which reduce down to three by the final year. Is it sad? Is it great? You be the judge.
Drinking Tolerance
Manipal might not teach you the course you're here for but it does teach you how to hold your drinks. Freshers might be good drinkers but final year students reach another level of alcoholism and it's crazy.
Club Work
Everybody in their first year, joins a lot of clubs and fills their plate with more than they can handle. By the time you reach the end, you only work for clubs you care about, seriously.
• Manipal Love- In the first year, Manipal is a new place with a lot to explore. By the time a student reaches their final year, it's a place that gives you a billion amazing memories and friends for life.
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