Different kinds of people during a Pandemic

Imagine this. If one of your close friends had walked up to you a month ago and said "Bro.. the world is going to kind of shut down in sometime, you wait and watch..", would you have bought it? The answer is pretty damn simple and we all know it. But that's exactly what happened. COVID-19 a.k.a Corona is the serious pandemic that has brought the world to its knees and it's definitely hard to be pragmatic during this time. Nevertheless, the world is a funny place to be with a lot of idiots and morons as compared to the sensible ones. So here's my take on the different kinds of people you'll find during a pandemic.
1. The "Humko kuch ni hoga" gang- Well the amount of these kinds of ‘covidiots’ has decreased over the past few days but still there are a lot of these folks out there. These folks live in their own sweet bubble where their immunity is blessed with the powers of Shaktimaan and nothing can affect them, let alone Corona. You can try educating these guys but everybody has to row their own boat, right?
2. The Hoarders- These are the kinds of people who've reached the highest level of panic and their paranoia has turned them into an unstoppable force. You'll find these guys in the nearest supermarket/grocery store near you and the easiest way to identify them is when you see them trying to purchase everything. Literally everything. Don't mind my Hindi but ‘inka baas chale toh insaan bhi kharid lenge!’.
3. The Social Media extrovert group- One of the downfalls to this pandemic is the fact that we can't go outside our houses. Yes, we can all agree to that. Extroverts are obviously unhappy, but the 'Social media outburst group' consists of those high level extroverts who can't literally stay away from people at all. They'll do anything to form a group on Social media. Let it be the Houseparty app or by tagging a billion people in challenges, this group of people will not stop until the extrovert in themselves is at peace. And when is that? Never.
4. Attack China group
We all know that it sucks that this pandemic has inflicted the earth. But this mighty group of avengers called the Attack china group is made up of people who don't care about curing the virus as much as attacking the source of the virus. They are angry at the fact that Chinese people eat bats and will not stop until they hit these guys with a real cricket bat.
 5. The Whatsapp Pujaris
No matter what happens in this world, this group of people always find their way to the lime-light. They believe that CNN, TimesNow and all other media bodies are managed by Whatsapp itself, so anything you read/watch on the news is not as legitimate as WhatsApp. These people will force you to drink cow urine and bathe in cow dung with their unlimited dumb whatsapp forwards. I kindly advice you to not pay any heed to any WhatsApp forwards and stay away from these people.
 6.The Sensibles
Finally I get to write about normal people. The Sensibles comprise of those people with a proper IQ to make correct sense of what is happening around them and act accordingly. These people are staying home, spreading the right kind of awareness and not to brag, but writing/indulging in creative activities hahaha.
On that note, please wash your hands and be safe from the dumb people around you. Oh and also be safe from corona. Toodles.