Top 5 Apps that You’ll see Students using in class.

More often than not, there comes a moment in every student’s life when he/she has to battle the terror of sleep invoked by the noble teacher blabbering in front of them in the classroom. In these moments, mobile phones have always stood there by a student’s side with an infinite universal pool of things to do. But in spite of this, you’ll find students lingering on usually the same applications/games. So here we are, breaking down the top applications except social media that students use in class.
1. PubG/COD- Of course, legendary addictive games like PubG and CoD make the top of this list. The undying love people have for these games stretches them to boundaries where when the teacher catches them they usually crib about not completing the game than losing their phone. Yes PubG/CoD makes people crazy.
2. Ludo- You aren’t an Engineering student if you haven’t played Ludo in class. Period. This game shows it’s true essence with it’s ability to let students play with minimal movement and maximum fun with their friends right in the middle of a lecture. The Ludo app is of the students, for the students and by students (obviously).
3. Clash of Clans- Clash of Clans gamers have dedicatedly spent a crucial amounts of their life in an imaginary world of clans(idk) and when they bring this catastrophe inside the classroom, there is essentially nothing that can stop them from wasting their time away while ignoring the teacher like a boss. Personally I’ve never understood the game but the obsession makes me want to download it.
4. 9GAG/Buzzfeed- The students you often spot in class who use these sorts of apps are the ones who need their daily dose of memes to stay alive. The society needs soldiers, nay, warriors like this who stay in your DM's later with insane memes. Students are susceptible to a 'psy-trance' kind of brain fog after using it for hours altogether.
5. Sleeping- Yes we know this is not an app and this doesn’t make sense at all but hear us out. We couldn’t have just not mentioned sleeping when the topic revolves around students and things they do in classrooms. And also we were running out of apps to think of. So yes, we, students love sleeping and especially in the classroom.
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