Top 5 Budget Breakfast spots/food in Manipal

Everybody in Manipal knows the true value of money and also the essence of having a great budget breakfast on a hungover Monday morning. For people who don’t know a lot about the place, it does have it's share of fine breakfast spots and we here at The MIT Store are going to break down the list to help you grab a cheap but exquisite breakfast as soon as you finish this article.
1. Vikram's
Right opposite the Academic Block 5(AB-5) sits a small and compact stall run by a very old couple who really know their ‘masala' and stuff. You’ll find the cheesiest and tastiest omelettes and toast along with a ton of other continental dishes. And trust us, the prices will make you drool as well.
2. MIT Main Gate Dosa Stall
A lot of students might have tried this stall's dosa that’s near Kamath café, main gate and that’s just because the guy there is so good. Being a South Indian myself, I found myself extremely awestruck by the Noodle Dosa and the Cheese Onion Dosa and highly recommend it.
3. Hadiqa's Breakfast Sub
Despite being a pricy restaurant, the breakfast sub at Hadiqa priced at 90 bucks not only fills you up for good but the chicken salami topped with egg and fine cheese, makes your day. Even if you guys don’t have the time to go there, we suggest you to order it to atleast experience the tasty food once.
4. Bollywood Cafe
Not a lot of people know about this, but a small shop like café opposite Marena makes the best Corn and Cheese sandwiches and Masala Veg sandwiches for 40 bucks each. People who do know about this place often end up being ‘regulars' because of the grand taste.
5. Pai Tiffins
We can’t make a budget breakfast list and leave out the legendary Pai tiffins. Pai tiffins perfectly represents the authentic South Indian breakfast cuisine at rates that make it impossible to get a seat there during peak hours. But if you do, try their Butter Masala Dosa to have a jolly time.
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